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              Project Department Of Fluorocarbon Resin

              Wuxi Wanbo Fluorocarbon Resin Co. Ltd. is the sub-company of Wuxi Wanbo Coating Chemical Co. Ltd.. It is founded in Aug., 2004 and is engaged specially in the development, manufacture and sales of fluorocarbon...

              Project Department Of Polyester Resin

              Wuxi Wanbo Coating Chemical Co. Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise. It located in National High Technology Development Zone in Wuxi New District, and builds the capacity of 10000t / a resin coating production line. It is a collection of R & D, production and sales of integrated...

              Project Department Of YALI Coating

              Wuxi Wanbo Coating Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, affiliated with the Fluorine Society of Paint and Coating Institute of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC). It is a comprehensive chemical enterprise that is engaged in science and...
              About Wanbo
              Customer Service
              • switchboard:(86)0510-88551611
              • Fax:(86)0510-88550156
              • business:(86)0510-88551117
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